The family surname was written as Mahan in the church records at St John the Baptist in Perth, Ontario, by Scottish Priest, Rev. John Macdonald from 1823 to 1838.  His replacement, Rev. John McDonagh arrived from Ireland in 1838 and commenced to write their surname as Mahon in the church records. Today, some descendants use the surname Mahan, others use Mahon and still others have adopted variations including Main. 

The records on the two remaining daughters of James and Ellen Mahon have not yet been found.  As well there are several married names which remain unknown...for now.

James Mahon and Ellen Troy

Kings County, County Offaly, Ireland

Thomas Mahon, Betsy Towriss, Lucy Gash

married early 1840's and 1852

spouses Lane, Robinson,Stiller / Stellar (with Betsey)

spouses Crabbe, Kaubessuskie, Martin, McGregor, Tabb (with Lucy) 

Lanark and Renfrew Counties

Catherine Mahon and Owen Malone

married 1843

spouses Larkin, Madden, Nolan, Russell, Walsh, Wimples

Lanark County

James Mahon and Mary Boshart

married 1857

Hudder, McDonald, Neville, Smith, Steep, Watt

Lanark and Renfrew Counties

William Mahon and Margaret Donovan

married 1840

spouses McDougall, Quinn

Lanark and Renfrew Counties

John Mahon and Catherine Walsh

married 1847

spouses LaRock, McGlade,  O'Meara / O'Mara, 

Lanark and Leeds Counties

Ellen Mahon and Patrick Harrington

married 1838

spouses Hanlon, O'Neill

Lanark County

Bowes    Dowsett    Kehoe   Kirkham   Korry   Lane     

McDonald / MacDonald    McDonnell   McDougall / MacDougald

  Moran    Norris   Ritchie   Robinson      

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